House Rule: Downtime Actions

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House Rule: Downtime Actions

Post by Joanna on Sat Nov 08, 2014 2:20 pm

This post is approved by Lena. I'm just posting it to help out.

The Silver Spur Chronicle implements a Downtime Actions system to provide an outlet in which you can task your character with particular things that are undesirable to role-play. With this your character will be able to accomplish various things during the time that you are not actively role-playing. A "Downtime Action" is essentially a ROLL that is available for your character to perform each week. These rolls are often times a part of an extended action that your character is attempting.

General and Storyline Actions run the gambit of what your character will accomplish and the successes needed are calculated by a Storyteller. Typical successes range from 5 to 35 and are calculated based on the number of hours it will take your character to do what they are attempting and the difficulty of the action they are performing.
Examples of General and Storyline Actions include, but are not limited to:

  • Track and spy on other characters
  • Investigate leads on something in the news that requires Storyteller input
  • Research a variety of topics/events

Downtime Actions are available to characters in four different ways...

Base Downtime Actions

Each character in the Silver Spur Chronicle is awarded 4 Downtime Actions per week that can be used to roll on anything applicable to off-line roleplay. These actions signify things your character themselves are actively working on, be it practicing the piano to increase their performance skill to interfacing with the local mining company to increase their influence.

Allies, Contacts & Retainers

Each dot of Allies, Contacts and Retainers allot your character an additional Downtime Action per week. The catch on these are as follows:

  • Allies:
    Allies can only be utilized in a realistic fashion and sometimes may not be capable of completing the action being asked for them. Beyond that, Allies' devotion has its limits and while they may be your character's best buddy, they still may need incentive on certain actions to complete what is required.
  • Contacts:
    Contacts can ONLY be used for information gathering purposes. You can not ask a Contact to do something for you, but you can ask them for information. There is a catch for Contacts, though. They more often than not require some sort of incentive for their services.
  • Retainers:
    Just like Allies, retainers can only be utilized in a realistic fashion. While they are ghouls and are more physically inclined and durable than your average kine, they're no Kindred. Unlike allies, though, retainers act out of devotion to their domiter and do not need further incentive.

Remember, when using Downtime Actions for Allies, Contacts and Retainers there will be a chance of losing them if the task is too dangerous or if another Kindred gets to them.

Storyline Related Downtime Actions

Storyline Downtime Actions are the exception to the weekly request rule. They are reactive and as such a character gets one (1) Storyline Downtime Action per night IF needed to react to a scene. All downtimes for storyliness must be turned in before 11:59 EST the day of the scene. If the scene rolls over into another day mid scene - you can submit for the secondary day (i.e. you're playing Saturday Night, it rolls into Sunday. You have until 11:59 EST to submit that Sunday).

Please use the same template as seen below for regular Downtime Actions. Just make sure your subject title for PM is "Storyline Downtime Action - <Insert Date>".

Influence Downtime Actions

Influences award an additional Downtime Action per dot possessed in that Influence that can be used within the specific area of Influence they apply to. The Influence Background has been House Ruled so please refer to the Influence thread for a list of actionable items for each Influence.

Increasing Influences/Backgrounds via Downtime Actions

Downtime Actions may be used for a variety of actions, but one of their most prominent uses will be growing Background stats. In the Silver Spur Chronicle, Backgrounds are increased via actions and extended rolls rather than via spending xp. Increasing a single background counts as a single Downtime Action per week.

A difficulty of 7 will be applied to each roll and the roll itself will be determined by Storytellers.

  • Like a Star @ heaven Background Level One: 15 Successes
  • Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Background Level Two: 30 Successes
  • Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Background Level Three: 65 Successes
  • Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Background Level Four: 100 Successes
  • Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Background Level Five: 135 Successes

Once you have your roll from the ST you roll each day (including the days that passed while waiting for a response) and keep a list with each date and a copy and paste of the subsequent roll. Each time you submit your Downtime Actions, you include this list until you've reached your success goal.

You the player are responsible for keeping track of all of your Downtime Actions and progress!

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Re: House Rule: Downtime Actions

Post by Joanna on Sat Nov 08, 2014 3:39 pm

So now that you have an understanding of what Downtime Actions are, let's get into the nitty gritty technical aspect of how to use them.

Types of Actions You Can Do

There are six types of actions one can do while using their Downtime Actions.

  • General: This is the catch all action and is only used when your character themselves are specifically being used. General actions are most often used for character growth (only one general action may be used at a time to increase an attribute or ability), but are also used for a myriad of other things and can be coupled with most other actions.
  • Background: This action is used for your Allies/Contacts/Retainers. When you're using one of these make sure to be very specific in what you're requesting of your Allies/Contacts/Retainers.
  • Influence: These actions entail utilization of your character's influences. Please see the Influences thread for further information on the types of things you can do with Influence actions. General and Influence actions can be coupled with this.
  • Monitor: This action is used for keeping an eye on what others are doing, but only applies to monitoring Influences. General, Background and/or Influence actions can be used for this, see below for example.
  • Hide: Conceal your character's actions. Only applies to hiding actions within the realm of Influences. General, Background and/or Influence actions can be used for this, see below for example.

How do I submit Downtime Actions?

On Sunday of every week, you can submit your weekly Downtime Actions (this does not apply to Storyline Actions, see previous post).

You will copy and paste the template code below into a email to Lena  at with the subject: "Downtime Actions - <Character Name> - <Date>." Clearly, fill in the blanks. Wink

Character Name:

Backgrounds -

Influences -
<List Influences and Levels here>

Actions Taken

Here is an example of how a filled out template should look:

Character Name: Vinnie the Ventrue
Clan: Ventrue

Backgrounds -
Resources: 4
Contacts: 2
Fame: 2
Allies: 0
Retainers: 1

Influences -
High Society Level 4 (4 Actions)
Media Level 1 (1 Action)

Actions Taken
1. General (1): Attempting to Obtain - Firearms 1 (continued from last week). Bonnie Brujah has offered to take Vinnie Ventrue to the firing range so that he can attempt to learn how to use a gun (for his protection).

Successes so far:

  • 11/2 - 1 success
  • 11/3 - Botch
  • 11/4 - 1 success
  • 11/5 - 2 successes
  • 11/6 - 2 successes
  • 11/7 - 1 success
  • 11/8 - 3 successes
  • Total: 10 successes

2. Influence (High Society 3): Skills used - Fame, Resources, High Society. Vinnie is planning on hosting a party and is utilizing his High Society influence to ease the process of planning and affirming a location.
3. Monitor/Influence (High Society 1)/General (2): Vinnie will be monitoring the happenings of High Society both through his connections in the Influence and on his own.


As you can see above, you want to list how many actions you'll be using per item because each action equates to a roll toward your total successes needed to accomplish your goal. Vinnie appears to want to get his party planning done and ready to go quickly so he's used three of his Influence actions to do so.

Also above you can see Vinnie included a progress update of a stat he's working on, detailing a list of rolls he's done throughout the week and how many successes he acquired during the Downtime cycle.

The Silver Spur Staff encourages all players to be detailed and specific in their Downtime Action descriptions. The clearer and more realistic your plan of action is may or may not affect the difficulty of your rolls in a very positive way. Wink

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Re: House Rule: Downtime Actions

Post by Lena on Fri Nov 28, 2014 4:11 pm


Using the above template, all DT actions will be EMAILED to from now on. The forums don't allow much space for saved messages and I don't want to delete anyone's DT's or messages.

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Re: House Rule: Downtime Actions

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