House Rule: "Don't Bite"

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House Rule: "Don't Bite" Empty House Rule: "Don't Bite"

Post by Joanna on Sat Nov 08, 2014 2:18 pm

This message is approved by Lena and originally written by Sam.

We're all adults here so I'll come out and say it. PC sex happens, I don't mean its a crazy cyber-fest all up in this bitch but its a mature game with mature themes and we are all adults.  That being said, lemme break down vampire sex for you in three easy steps.

1. Make out and/or stare longingly.

2.  Spend BP to 'get it up' and proceed to bang. (No spend necessary at Humanity 8 or if you have appropriate merits. This is for both male and female characters.)

3. Roll to make sure you don't bite a muthafucka.

Now!  Some of you may be wondering (I doubt it) why number 3 matters or why its a risk at all.  To put it simply, the kiss is like 'getting off' (I'm so classy) and its a serious test of your willpower to not give in and accidentally put yourself on a fast track to a blood bond.  That being said, this is why we have you roll your WP against a certain difficulty depending on your humanity.  Why WP and not self control you ask?  Because generally WP is higher dicepool for most characters so success is more likely, however there's an air of danger in the sense that you can't 'wp' a willpower roll.  AKA: You can't spend a willpower to guarantee you don't 'slip up', there is a very real chance you could fail this roll, NO EXCEPTION.

This all being said I want to remind everyone of our FADE TO BLACK policy.  You don't want the proverbial 'walk in' situation and neither do we when we have to go searching through logs for something.  These rolls can be done in any channel (#OOC excluded) and an ST must be notified if you fail or botch!

Other than that, go forth and spread the 'love'!

For everyone's referencing pleasure, the difficulty is dependent upon humanity.

Humanity 8 = diff 4
Humanity 7 = diff 5
Humanity 6 = diff 6
Humanity 5 = diff 7
Humanity 4 = diff 8

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