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INACTIVE - Marcellette Sarkozi - Gangrel Empty INACTIVE - Marcellette Sarkozi - Gangrel

Post by Lena on Sat Nov 08, 2014 6:38 pm

<Placeholder for stuff but here's the obvious stuff>

Name: Marcellette Sarkozi

Clan: Gangrel

Height: 5'4

Obvious Merits:

Gunslinging Reputation
Whether or not its accurate, you've earned notice in gunfighting circles, and now carry a certain reputation with you wherever you go. You are widely respected and even feared for your prowess, and may add the trait value of the merit to all Social Challenges involving intimidation. Additionally, you are considered to be up the number of Traits of this merit in the staredown challenge.. However, you must constantly deal with being challenged by young upstarts seeking to make their own reputation at the cost of your hide.

Eat Food

Obvious Flaws:

Eyes of the Shark
No matter how humane you are when others look you in the eye they see you as an eating machine, emotionless and cruel. Whatever your Humanity, it is treated as a three when others make eye contact with you.

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