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Post by Lena on Wed Mar 04, 2015 11:46 am

Hey guys!

As most of you can see, we're open for play again! We have a few of the original players coming back and quite a few new people coming in (I'm so excited). Everyone has been working hard on their characters and getting movin' and shakin' again. There are a few changes in things, I'm listing those changes below:

1. Inactive characters/players. Quite a few players left for the holidays and have not returned. We have reached out to them and most of them are very busy with RL right now, they won't be returning anytime soon. Because of this, they have been moved to inactive and their characters have either left the city or gone into hiding for whatever reason. NOBODY IS DEAD. When players come back, they're welcome to talk to the Staff about bringing their original characters back and rejoining play!

2. STAFF!!!!!!! For those who were here when I originally opened the chronicle, you know that I was the only ST. Well with more people, I've brought Kevin (Andrej) in as a second ST, and Laney as a helper/ST. Both of them have full ST powah! They can both approve characters, run combat, run plot, settle disputes etc. We do stay in constant contact about what's happening, so the players can rest assured that there won't be any surprises.

3. Positions IC. Some positions are held by NPC's. COME AND TAKE THEM! Players are more than welcome to challenge or 'APPLY' for a position icly. The only position that is not up for grabs right now is the position of Harpy. There is a reason behind this. Everything else is out for the taking.

4. PC VS NPC: The ST's have their PC characters. There are also NPC's but you will rarely see them ic unless they are needed or unless there is a plot happening. And boy oh boy will there be lots happening!

If there are any questions feel free to talk to the Staff. #SS:Ghelp is there for a reason. Please remember that all talk about character sheets should be done with an ST in Ghelp.

Above all else...HAVE FUN! That's what it's all about! I'm so happy you're all here! We're all excited about the game being reopened and things moving forward again!


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