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Post by Lena on Thu Dec 11, 2014 12:22 pm

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Vampire-santa3

Hey everyone!

With the holidays right on top of us (who's still full from Thanksgiving oh god), it's blantanly obvious that we're all busy with famfam time and holiday stuffs. AND THAT'S OK! As folks are around, whatever your schedule, the story will be here. I had hoped that it would be solved before the Holidays but OH MY GOD PEOPLE ARE REACTING WAY DIFFERENTLY THAN I THOUGHT! And I love it! Because of actions taken icly I got to expand the story a little more and give it more depth and curves (who doesn't like curves?). And because of the holidays, I will be accepting DT's at any point in the week, since we're all not around every sunday night to turn them in. However, when sending them in, please date them so I'll know what week you're sending for and be better able to keep track. Remember that the rp week runs from Sunday to Saturday.

Also! Personal storylines...I will be running them. So be prepared for stuff from your bio to come knocking on your metaphorical door! Everyone may see NPC's, there will be random kindred mucking around the town (HELLO SHERIFF AND DEPUTY CAN I MEET THE SCOURGE NOW?!). All in all it's going to be pretty laid back and relaxed. After the New Year, after we're all sober again and sick of the famfams we'll get -everything- wrapped up (at y'alls pace of course!) and just choochoo along!

At some point in the next few weeks I'll be without internet momentarily as I'm FINALLY MOVING INTO MY BIGGER APARTMENT WOOT! But I won't be down for long (I might still be able to leech from the main office!).

I hope everyone has a Happy Holidays!


HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Happy-holidays

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