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Starting the Game and Other things Empty Starting the Game and Other things

Post by Lena on Fri Nov 07, 2014 1:59 pm

Hey everyone!

As you are all in the midst of creating your characters and submitting them, I wanted to put this out here so everyone has the same information. Technically game play has started, it's preliminary but it's started. As you all know I'm still working on the finishing touches to the setting and getting it all on the website. This is the perfect time for those of you with characters already established in the city to play together and get that feel for your characters and the interaction with those around them.

During this pre-establishing rp, you will be awarded xp for it, so don't worry, it's not for nothing I promise. Most of you have gotten xp on creation for your bio and I wanted to let everyone know that you do not have to spend it all at once. You will be allowed up to two weeks of rp to figure out what you may need on your sheet for your character. This means that you can spend your xp freely (just let me know you're spending it) and there won't be any waiting period for that. If you've already spent your xp and realize that you need something more than what you already have on your sheet, you will be allowed, during that two week grace time, to change that spend and make xp edits. Again, I need to be notified of these changes.

Those who are and have helped with the setting and the story will be getting some bonus xp for your contribution.

As always, if anyone has any questions or has suggestions or ideas, I'm more than happy to listen and answer!

Thank you all for being patient and sharing in the excitement of the chronicle!


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